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Truths That Transform Resources

Here is a list of available resources on the topics covered at the Truths That Transform workshop.


What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I care? - Ed Welch

When People Are Big and God Is Small- Ed Welch

Identity: Who Am I In Christ- Natalie Durso

Shame Interrupted- Ed Welch

Putting Your Past In Its Place- Stephen Viars

Anxious for Nothing- John MacArthur

Fear: Breaking its Grip--Lou Priolo 

Respectable Sins--Jerry Bridges

Trusting God--Jerry Bridges

Gay Girl, Good God - Jackie Hill Perry 

Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert--Rosaria Butterfield

Openness Unhindered; Further thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ--Butterfield

God and the Transgender Debate- Walker


Podcasts and Articles:

ACBC Truth in Love Podcast and biblicalcounseling.com (search fear, worry, anxiety, gender, etc)