We want Providence Presbyterian Church to be a beacon of light to the world. As a church body, we strongly desire to be a messenger of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who do not yet know Christ, whether in Troy, St. Louis, or countless other places in this nation and worldwide. We pray that God will use this church to reach those who have not yet experienced the joy of living in the freedom of God's marvelous grace. 

Local Missions

The PPC body enjoys serving our local community through mission programs such as Sleep in Heavenly Peace and the Summer Sack Lunch Program.

Global Missions

PPC supports missionaries serving throughout the globe and has established the following guidelines for the consideration of financial support with particular missionaries. If you are a Missionary seeking support from our church, please consider the guidelines below. Support requests may be emailed or mailed to our church office.

Guidelines for Missionary Support Consideration

  1. A credible testimony of salvation through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  2. Holds to the Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism). There should be no disparity between the truths that we hold to be Scriptural and those whom we would support to carry those truths in Christ’s name.
  3. The ability to clearly discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. Be a member in good standing at a true gospel church. This gives PPC's Missions Committee the opportunity to contact the pastor and elders to get further insight into the person’s Christian life, ministry experience, evidence of a call for mission work, etc.
  5. Not a new believer. A missionary should be evidencing maturity and steady growth in the Christian faith with a track record of faithful living, a servant's heart, and a life of sacrifice.
  6. If married, a stable and Christ-centered relationship in the marriage with full marital support of the missionary endeavor.
  7. Sufficient training to meet the call.
  8. A well-thought-out plan to carry out the call of God on their life. The plan should be an extension of what the person has been doing part-time for some while prior to going full-time.
  9. Holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith (may have a few differences but holds to the overall system of doctrine contained in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms).